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Deniri Tire Pressure Gauge 

One of the most important items for vehicle safety is tire pressure. 

Tire pressure affects the ride of the vehicle, handling such as turning and braking and tire wear. Many people overlook the need to check or have someone else check the pressures.  Tire pressures change due to faulty valves, rim to tire leaks, damaged tires or rims and additionally change dramatically with temperature changes. Especially during season changes.

When we have interest in a particular items we get samples from the major suppliers and test the items. The one with the best performance, price and quality is the one we will list. There are times none of the samples will meet our expectations and we will give up on that item.

Our Gauge SP-010 The Deniri Tire pressure gauge is very simple to use, accurate, durable and helpful in maintaining proper pressures.

It’s not just for automobiles but also for trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, bicycles, lawn tractors, golf carts, wheelbarrows and anything else which has tires with pressures between 0 and 60 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Put one in your glove compartment and have one in your garage or shed.

Lifetime warranty. 

Purchase our SP-010 Gauge  on Amazon

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