Surge Protector/Power Strip SP010


Important Safety Instructions

Indoor Use Only, do not use in wet areas.

Do not operate this surge protector if it has become

wet internally

Not intended for very large appliances. Great for PCs,

printers, monitors, TVs, DVRs, cable boxes, satellite

receivers, home theaters. Also, video games, lighting,

small appliances and office equipment.

The Surge Protector requires a properly grounded

electrical supply. Be sure you present electrical system

is properly grounded.

Do not disassemble the power strip.                  BUY NOW




Benefits and Specifications

Anti-surge protection 2500 Joules

Short circuit protection

Anti-static protection

Overcurrent protection

Overvoltage protection

PC/PP Fire retardant material

Solid Oxygen Free Copper Wire

Intergated Solid Copper Strip



Rated voltage 110v-250v

Maximum 2,500 watts

Rated current 10A{max}

Response Time < 1 ms

Output ports 6 x sockets combo 5 x USB 1 x PD18W


** Please note the following on US AC electrical plugs.**

 It is entirely likely that most of your appliances or other devices around your house have plugs with 2 blades of equal width, these are non-polarized plugs.

Plugs with 2 blades one larger than the other are polarized and will not fit into the SP010 power strip as similar to some power strips and many extension cords.




Description and Operation

On/Off Switch Supplies power to the surge

protector/power strip

Reset Button Will reset the surge protector when it trips

off. Disconnect all appliances connected to the strip, reset

and reconnect the items one at a time and it one trips the

strip, unplug that item and do not reconnect ( it may be


Universal Power Outlets 6 power outlets which accept

several electrical plugs such as  US plugs, European plugs,

Australian and others. The outlets have a shutters to make it

be more child safe and to help keep debris from getting into

the socket. * Read Note on Last Page for the Outlets

4 - USB 3.4a high speed ports for your charging needs.

1 - Qualcomm 3.0 USB high speed port

1 PD 18w charging port, this is the newest high powered

charging port. Great for tablets, iPads, items which larger

battery capacities.

Timer Switch This power strip is equipped with a 24 hour

timer when you only want it on for a specific time period.

Handy for small appliances, lamps, when charging lithium

batteries that you want to shut down after a period of time.

Timer Display Displays the remaining active time.





Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated



Warranty for the Deniri SP010 comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

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